Ladies in the Laboratory: Science and Gender in U.S. History,” Fall 2019

Why has science historically been so dominated by men? Why is this still true for many STEM fields today? We will explore the answers to these questions in this course, as well as look at a broader history of women and gender in science in the United States. Because education continues to be crucial in pushing people into or out of scientific careers, this course will also feature a large focus on K-12, college, and graduate science education.

magazine headline says "Science - And a Woman"

I have also worked as a teaching assistant on the following:

  • “Freshman Seminar: Johns Hopkins Campus Life, Now and Then,” Spring 2018
  • “History of Science: Antiquity to Renaissance,” Fall 2017
  • “Freshman Seminar: History of Johns Hopkins Medicine,” Spring 2017
  • “Science and Technology in Slave Regimes,” Fall 2016
  • “The Rise of Modern Science,” Spring 2016
  • “The Scientific Revolution” Fall 2015

And developed syllabi for the following courses:

– History of Modern Physics

– History of K-12 Education in the U.S.

My other work in education has included building physics demonstration equipment, tutoring introductory physics, writing teaching guides for the American Institute of Physics, and activities with the Committee for the History and Philosophy of Physics in the American Association of Physics Teachers.

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